SeminarsSummerCamp 2019

The Kingdom, the Church and the Call

What is the church? What is the church really “for”? What is the church supposed to actually do? What kind of involvement does God expect from me? As a leader, what kind of church should I be trying to build? Our life as Christians is very deeply affected by our understanding of the church. We may sometimes even feel discouraged or disillusioned with the church because of our experiences. God wants to give us more of “His” vision for the church.

This seminar will provide a biblical understanding of the church from a Kingdom of God perspective, a look at the “Call” to follow Jesus and what it means for the life and work of the church. This perspective has been crucial to me as a leader, and I believe it will be vital for you as a church “member”, and pivotal for you who are serving as a church leader.